Spill Containment Longspan Shelving & Racking with Doors

Shelving suitable for the storage of oily,  pollutant and non-corrosive products.

 A clever system available in long-span and short span shelving that comes with mesh  all-round protection and pad-lockable doors, keeping chemicals safe.

Mesh protected longspan shelving to safely store items that could be harmful or may spill. 

Ideal to store pollutants, oily machinery, contaminants and canisters that could spill or leak.

Shelving can be supplied with mesh shelves which will allow any spillage to be collected up in one catch-all containment tray underneath (800mm bays only) or can be supplied with individual spill trays for each shelf with individual trays.

A typical shelf tray is made of galvanized steel with 50mm high sides to contain any leakages and is removable to clean.

This product offers secure storage, visibility, monitoring and allows air to circulate so there is no build-up of gases.

Bespoke Spill Trays

We can supply made to measure spill trays to suit your existing shelving. For example one of our clients needed spill trays to store oily machinery and pumps on that fitted on 1500 x 600 shelves. We supplied 1490 x 600 x 50mm galvanized trays that maximized the shelf size with no wasted space. (see photo)

Short span shelving 

Short spans bays are used to store smaller items, we offer Flip and Advance containment shelving. Both ideal for bottles, canisters & open bags. Useful for oily parts, cans, machine tools & pumps that will leak oil.

Shelves are available in three types   

  1. Tray shelf
  2. Removeable tray on tubular shelf 
  3. Tray shelf with internal bars to keep bottoms of any items dryer.  

Bay sizes 2000mm high x 1000mm wide x 400, 500, 600 and 800mm deep. Supplied with 5 adjustable shelves per bay.  

These standard tray sizes can also fit our AdvanceSTOR range od shelving which is better suited for heavy-duty applications such as engineering, auto part environments where a more sophisticated and varied range of storage accessories is needed.




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