Spill Containment Shelving

Tubular Shelving that Protects against SPILLS of non-corrosive liquids,oils & loose materials.

Spill and Containment Tubular Shelving

Tubular shelving provides a well thought out solution for dealing with liquid and oil spills. Firstly the tubular design is better suited to deal with spills than a flat shelf as liquid just passes thru to the next level and can be collected in existing spill trays.

Alternatively there are 3 types of drip tray / spill tray shelf are available, all interchangeable with its unique tubular shelves.

Each tray type covers 100% of shelf, no wasted space as with separate plastic containers. All are removeable for individual cleaning.

Types of spill containment shelf trays 

1) Separate spill tray that fits on top of tubular shelf. Trays can be removed and tubular shelf stays inplace. Ideal if you need to quickly clean the tray or use the shelf for storing something else.

 This type of spill tray is also availble to fit on the AdvanceSTOR shelving range.

2) Spill tray and shelf as one unit. 

3) Spill tray completet with shelf and bars as one unit that keeps the products bottom dry if a spill occurrs.

Other Benefits.

No back bracing is needed, so wider bays can be used front and back saving the cost of two sepertae bays. For example, a 800mm deep rack could be picked both sides. Similar to 2 x 400mm deep bays with bracing but saving the cost.

The shelving has No nuts and bolts and therefore esay to build.

It is fully adjustable fitted with easy tap in tubular shelves and shelf trays. Shelf pitch is every 64mm but can be increased to everty 32mm

Very simple to build, add to or modify shelf spacing. Standard height is 2000mm but is avaible in 250mm increments, 1000mm wide x 400/500/600/800 deep

Shelf loading varies between 70kg and 230kg per shelf depending on shelf type.

This product is ideal to use in combination with mesh enclosures & bespoke cages to secure the contents from being removed, improve control, health and saftey reasons or protect against thief. 

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